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Godmanchesters Rovers Home Match

Ground Regulations

  1. Instructions from any Club Official or Steward must be complied with at all times.Rovers Logo
  2. Spectators are not allowed on the pitch and its surrounds.
  3. Spectators shall not climb on any building ,wall or fence.
  4. Obscene, Racist or Indecent language at any player or official and usage of offensive gestures will not be tolerated.
  5. Throwing of any objects (coins or other missiles) is forbidden.
  6. Minors shall be the sole responsibility of the accompanying adult.
  7. Entrance to the ground is granted with payment of the appropriate entry fee (or approved official pass). All spectators shall be given temporary membership to the clubhouse and its facilities at the discretion of the club. Any drinks brought outside the clubhouse MUST be in plastic containers. NO GLASSWARE OF ANY KIND TO BE TAKEN OUTSIDE PERMITTED AREAS.

For FA Competitions additional special requirements may apply to comply with regulations and FA Rules. Godmanchester Rovers FC accepts no responsibility for vehicles using the premises/car parks. Godmanchester Rovers FC accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any articles on the clubs premises.

Any person in breach of these regulations will be refused admission/ removed from the premises. The Club Committee

Thank You for your co-operation

Enjoy the game